A restoration project is often about keeping a piece of history alive. Sometimes a restoration is based on a client’s sentimental attachments. Whatever the motivation, we at Sensa-Light take a great deal of pride and satisfaction from successfully completing a challenging restoration project.

In fact, one of Sensa-Light’s earliest projects was the highly successful job of replacing the light fixtures of Nick’s Steak House & Pizza in Northwest Calgary after it burned to the ground. Working from old photographs and charred remains replicas were constructed and installed, and light was once again restored to the restaurant interior.

In some cases, the challenge is returning historic fixtures to their original glory. The challenge can range from simple and straightforward to very complex. It might involve sourcing a special type of glass, or fabricating components to match components that can’t be salvaged. The challenge might involve creating a light fixture that maintains a period appearance and feel while at the same time being functional in a modern day application.

After many years, Sensa-Light has assembled an extensive network of suppliers from around the world. Examples of the extent of our search for quality components mean sourcing fine alabaster from Spain and hand-blown glass from Italy.

As with all of our work, Sensa-Light’s dedication crafting top quality lighting solutions and top notch customer service can be seen in the pieces we have given a second life to. To inquire about restoring your lighting solutions please see the Contact Us section of the website by clicking here.