The Drawing Board

First, Sensa-Light meets with clients to discuss their conceptual designs and gain an indepth understanding of the client’s wants and needs. Next, the Sensa-Light team gets together to explore possible materials, taking into consideration the future home of the lighting solution, including the size of the space, the scale of the lighting solution and the architecture and design elements of the space. After this brainstorming session, Sensa- Light scrutinizes the plan to ensure that it is mechanically and electrically sound, and appropriate for the space it is being created for. If the lighting solution is a historical piece, this is also the stage where any important historical research is conducted to guarantee historical accuracy.

Creating a Masterpiece

Once the plan is laid out preliminary drawings are generated, and a prototype is constructed if necessary. After this, Sensa-Light begins construction on the Lighting Solution. During this phase Sensa-Light keeps in consultation with the client to make any necessary changes to ensure the lighting solution remains faithful to the original concept while maintaining structural, mechanical and electrical integrity. Once everyone agrees on the design of the prototype an exquisite finished product is produced. As always, quality is key. Every Sensa-Light lighting solution is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

The majority of Sensa-Light’s manufacturing is done at our facility in Calgary. However, any components that require very specialized craftspeople are sent out of house. All lighting solutions are assembled and finished at Sensa-Light’s manufacturing facility.