Lighting is one of the most important design considerations when creating a space. An attractive and effective lighting solution has the power to affect mood and set the tone of the room. Effective lighting can enhance colour, add depth and create texture, and plays a vital role in making your space both welcoming and safe.

Sensa-Light has been specializing in aesthetic and functional lighting pieces since 1981. From small churches to big businesses, and custom homes to shopping malls, no lighting solution is beyond the reach of your imagination and our talented team. Our extensive network of suppliers worldwide offer quality materials including fine alabaster from Spain and hand-blown glass from Italy. At Sensa-Light, we believe that lighting solutions can be beautiful, dramatic, practical, flexible, affordable and expertly crafted.

The beauty of Sensa-Light goes deeper than the exquisite products we produce. Our commitment to top quality customer service is the foundation of our company. Our team works closely with architects, designers and craftspeople to ensure that every step of every project meets our client’s expectations.