When creating a space, lighting becomes one of the most important design tools. Just as a sunny day can create feelings of elation and attractive lighting design has the power to effect mood – creating calmness, inviting energy, adding a sense of drama or inspiring meditation. Form and function need light – it enhances colour, adds texture and plays a vital role in efficiency and safety. What can be achieved by design and architecture can be compromised by lack of effective lighting. And yet, all too often in the process of creating a space, it is added only as an afterthought.

Lighting a space involves more than just a lamp, and socket. Times have changed – especially since 1981 when Sensa-Light began manufacturing custom lighting for people’s homes and businesses. Today’s LED technology, combined with top quality craftsmanship, allows new freedoms and possibilities. One look at Sensa-Lights Portfolio and it’s obvious – lighting and luminaires can be beautiful, dramatic, practical, flexible, expertly crafted and affordable.